Experience & Expertise

Abdul Basit Qamar has been counseling individuals for more than seven years. His pivot point in counseling is a fusion of positive, social, personality, educational, and counseling psychology. He loves to see people happy. He believes in working with the inner self to become a better person, even though it can sometimes become difficult and painful.

“Whatever problems you might be having, I want to make them easier for you than they were for me.” – Abdul Basit Qamar

You Will Have

Safe space to express thoughts and emotions
Empathy, support, and proper guidance
An active listener who will never judge you

How would it be for you

- Get to know yourself better

- Learn to practice self-love

- Identify and manage your emotions

- Improve current relationships and build new healthy ones

- Communicate more efficiently

- Overcome difficult situations or experiences

- Learn to live more in the present

What can he help you with

- Goal Attainment, Motivation, Finding Purpose

- Personal Development, Empowerment, Self-Esteem

- Health and Wellness, Life Planning

- Relationships (forming better relationships and coping with issues)

- Career (including management, planning, or transition)

No matter how strong we are, we need someone to be there for us and listen without judging. Whatever you are going through or want to understand and improve in your life, we are here for that, so never hesitate to contact us.