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An Introduction

Abdul Basit Qamar is a young Pakistani entrepreneur, business consultant, psychologist, and author with an experience of more than seven years in mentioned fields.

He always wanted to listen to and solve the daily-life problems of ordinary human beings. In 2015, he started as an online counselor by passion. Based on his observations and experiences, he started writing his first book, 'A Light inside the Light' and published it in 2020. Furthermore, he has co-authored different books.

At the beginning of his professional career, he started doing different jobs. With time, after learning what management and entrepreneurship are, he decided to start his own business. Thus, he became an online business consultant and counselor.

Today, he has a team of experts providing their expertise to those who want to boost their businesses, and facing daily-life problems, especially regarding their personalities, goals, and relationships. Well, that was his introduction. To discover more about him, check out his services.



To help people with knowledge about life, human nature, and money-making.


About this Blog

On this blog, Abdul Basit Qamar shares his knowledge with those interested in health, business, psychological and philosophical articles. We hope you'd learn from his experiences.


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