What can you do with a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration? In this article, you will be finding that!

But, before going any further, I have a few questions for you. Ask these questions from yourself first to know whether you are suitable for this field or not. Here we go:

Are you a born leader and skillful communicator? Do you have outstanding analytical skills? Are you a person with an exceptional interest in business?

If your answer to all of the above questions is a yes, you may be eligible for a Bachelor of Business Administration. Traditionally, the Business Administration degree was the only area to hold the crème-de-la-crème of the business world, which is no longer the case now.

A great indication that business education is no longer the prerogative of a few is to obtain a degree at Bachelor's level. The idea is that expectancy may not have the accurate information or exposure to the industry but, it does have the impetus to learn and make it grand in the business world!

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a standard four-year program that will train graduates for entering into diverse business disciplines according to their interests and field of study. Here is a summary of some of the potential jobs with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree:


Human Resources

This branch of business focuses on the most crucial assets of an organization, namely, its people. Human resource management involves hiring and managing the organization's staff and functions such as staffing, establishing company policies, managing employee benefits, and compensation, dealing with labor issues, staff training, benefits, incentive programs, etc. Management skills combined with a "human" personality can make a person an expert in human resources.


Marketing and Sales

Although often referred to the same way, marketing and sales are two different areas. In general, the purpose of a sales manager is to sell a product or service to a target buyer. Developing a marketing strategy, training, mentoring sales vendors, and setting up and reviewing targeted marketing are significant tasks of a sales manager.

The primary function of the marketing manager, on the other hand, is to develop a first strategy to identify what people need, to work with the product development team to improve the product with desirable features, to set prices appropriately, and to promote the product (or service) among the target audience.


Accountant or Manager Accounts

Another career option you can explore with a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree is to become an accountant or manager accounts. Managers or accountants of companies are the financial health managers of an organization. Budgeting, accounting, asset management, financial planning and reporting, and tax planning are some main functions of an account manager.


Financial Services

One of the most lucrative jobs with a business management qualification is becoming a financial manager. According to the Department of Labor, the duties of a finance manager include overseeing the preparation of financial reports, handling investment activities, and implementing financial management strategies. In the financial sector, you can find a wide range of job opportunities in financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, small businesses, and large corporate houses, as well as government and federal agencies.


Health Services Manager

Healthcare management is probably among the most rewarding careers with a Bachelor of Business Administration. The healthcare manager's job is to take care of the administrative and business aspects of the healthcare unit to ensure the smooth delivery of patient care. Although a healthcare management degree is related to this field, those with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and focus on healthcare management may also become eligible for a health services manager.


Real Estate Manager

If you prefer to travel on roads where you have never before, real estate management will be a very suitable field for you. As a real estate manager, your customers will rely on you to control the operation of their properties. You'll have to monitor the property's life cycle and proper maintenance. If you want to be a real estate agent, make sure your business plan allows you to focus on real estate management.

While all of these jobs may be open to you with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, what really can drive you to top business positions is an MBA degree. Bachelor's degrees will give you a good start, while Master’s Degree will ensure you stay ahead of the race! So think about doing a Bachelor of Business Administration. But only if it is a field of your interest. To read more about a Bachelor in Business Administration, click here.

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