Being emotional is not bad but we know that excess of everything is bad so does too much usage of emotions is...

It is human nature to become highly emotional in times of distress. I believe that the emotions present inside human beings should be expressed and flowed out, but we know that excess of everything is also harmful to us. So does excess emotions are, resulting in situations getting worse.

“Behind every pain and sorrow we face, there is nothing but our own emotions.” 

We should not let our sentiments or feelings take over our minds because this will only cause sorrow and pain. Furthermore, they will take us away from reality which will restrict our brain to think and make valuable decisions. To explain my point, I will provide two examples here:


Associating hopes and expectations from people

Every human being, at some point in his life, unknowingly or knowingly associates himself with people or becomes emotionally dependent on them. When those people are unable to fulfill their hopes and expectations, they then accuse them of a reason behind their pain and sorrow. We should understand that by associations and expectations, we can acquire satisfaction and happiness, but only for a short period. In the long run, it only brings pain, and this happens because of the excessive use of our emotions.


Becoming impatient and too hasty

You must have noticed that a man is always seen in a hurry to conclude things. When he sees his efforts getting abandoned, he becomes disappointed too quickly. This disappointing behavior of his brings miserableness and suffering, the first sign of recklessness he feels because of which he becomes incapable to make logical and valuable decisions.

Similarly, there are many other things and tasks a human being does that makes him unsatisfied and disappointed, and this all occurs just because of excessive usage of his emotions, he has within. So, be conscious enough and don’t flow your emotions more than the need otherwise, only you’ll alone have to face circumstances.

To control usage of emotions, you should start consider practicing meditation. It is indeed a powerful tool for controlling our emotions. If you're not familiar with benefits of meditation, you should read "Benefits of Meditation" in which I have shared some benefits and impacts of meditation on human body. Moreover, some changes in our lifestyle can also help us controlling excessive use of emotions. For that, I have written "Healthy Habits". You can read it for personal well-being.

Think and Reflect!